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When you partner with a student you're not only supporting their Global Year but their discipleship journey with Christ. In the words of Paul 'Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit' - Philippians 4:17. It is not the gift that is to be focused on but God and what He will do with your gift. As you partner with a student you're investing in the work God will do in and through them in their Global Year and that is an eternal investment, one with the greatest return. As you're a blessing, we believe God will bless you as a partner in Leah's Global Year journey! Thank you for your investment in the next generation, Global Year
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    Robert Steven Robinson

    $500.00 / 10 days ago

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    Angel Madal

    $51.45 / 27 days ago

    Leah, We wish you and your team well on your trip. I’m very proud of the independent, caring, and giving young lady you have become! Love you!

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    Linda Bryan

    $36.02 / 34 days ago

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    Ann Calloway

    $102.90 / 40 days ago

    Sending you all the love and support for this year of giving. Thank you for spreading love to others and making the world a better place!

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    Timothy Teague

    $100.00 / 41 days ago

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    Leah Robinson

    $1,605.24 / 47 days ago

    Money donated from commissioning service!

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    Lori Glenn

    $51.45 / 57 days ago

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    Daniel Crocamo

    $200.00 / 58 days ago

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    Taylor Amey

    $102.90 / 60 days ago

    Gabe and I are so excited for you! We can’t wait to see how the Lord uses you to bless the people of Italy!

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    Cheryl DAgata

    $102.90 / 63 days ago

    Wishing you safe travels In your journey to help so many! Glad your dad called this to our attention in our BNI group. God bless!

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    Britton Felber

    $25.00 / 64 days ago

    God is Good. Prayers that God uses you mightily to reach the lost, encourage the believer, and praise the Lord!!! Remember, if you treat people like they are hurting, and you won’t be wrong often. :) God bless you, the Felber family!

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    Mary Ann Burr

    $25.73 / 66 days ago

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    Donna Justice

    $102.90 / 68 days ago

    Thanks so very much for taking a year of your precious life to share the Love of Jesus❤️! My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your team during this life changing experience🙏!

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    Candace Lanford

    $100.00 / 68 days ago

    So excited for the journey God has for you Leah! Honored to play a small role…praying for lasting fruit both in you and through you! The Lanfords

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    Amanda Tobias

    $102.90 / 68 days ago

    Leah, I’m a friend of your dads. But I am so excited for you for this journey! I pray blessings and Gods guidance over your trip! May he fill you up with his goodness!

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    Eddie Emmett

    $102.90 / 68 days ago

    "Andare con Dio" ... Eddie Emmett

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    Doug Stone

    $100.00 / 68 days ago

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    Leah Robinson

    $102.90 / 72 days ago

    This donation is from Chuck and Gia Womack!

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    Leah Robinson

    $102.90 / 72 days ago

    This is from my mom's work friend Dean

  • 4649e008df34aad6b47ba4a6aa823c05?d=https%3a%2f%2fassets2.kindful.com%2fassets%2fteams%2favatar nophoto

    Leah Robinson

    $205.80 / 87 days ago

    This donation is from a friend's son in the military.

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    Brenda Robinson

    $514.50 / 89 days ago

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    Leah Robinson

    $411.60 / 89 days ago

    This is a donation from another ladies group at my grandparents church.

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    Melissa & Robert Ballard

    $200.00 / 94 days ago

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    Leah Robinson

    $1,029.00 / 102 days ago

    This was a cash donation from my grandparents (mom's parents)!

  • 4649e008df34aad6b47ba4a6aa823c05?d=https%3a%2f%2fassets2.kindful.com%2fassets%2fteams%2favatar nophoto

    Leah Robinson

    $411.60 / 105 days ago

    This was a donation from the sweet people at my grandparent's church!

About Leah

I am 23 years old. I was born Marietta, GA and raised in Lowell, NC. I have an Associates in science from Gaston College and BS in Psychology from Appalachian State University. I enjoy spending time with my small group at church and my family/friends. I am recently a new fur mom to my puppy Walker, a schnauzer/bulldog mix. I recently just started an Etsy shop. I am very excited about my upcoming trip to Italy. I look forward to learning about the culture and sharing my love for God with the Italian community.

I will learn to communicate with Italians in their language and build relationships in the community for the sake of sharing the Gospel. I will also go to Torre to spend the day teaching English at a local school and serve at the Salvation Army.