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When you partner with a student you're not only supporting their Global Year but their discipleship journey with Christ. In the words of Paul 'Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit' - Philippians 4:17. It is not the gift that is to be focused on but God and what He will do with your gift. As you partner with a student you're investing in the work God will do in and through them in their Global Year and that is an eternal investment, one with the greatest return. As you're a blessing, we believe God will bless you as a partner in Zackary's Global Year journey! Thank you for your investment in the next generation, Global Year
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    Nathan Cole

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    Sandra Norville

    $102.90 / 36 days ago

    So proud of you Zac! You will have an amazing experience doing God’s work. Love you & looking forward to hearing all about your time in Guatemala🥰 praying for you! 🙏 💙❤️

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    Jeffrey Paarlberg

    $4,500.00 / 36 days ago

    We are proud of you buddy! Go and shine bright! Have fun and be safe🤗 Love Aunt B, Uncle Jeff, Harry, and Hazel

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    Cane Creek Baptist WMU

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    Betty and Gene Green, Cane Creek Baptist Church

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    Becky Dorsey, Cane Creek Baptist

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    Kelly Caldwell

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    Heather Humphries

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    Our family is praying for you and this awesome journey God is leading you on! Seek, trust, and obey Him, and He will lead, guide, direct, and protect you in all you do! Humphries Family

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    Jaime Plumley

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    We are so proud of you Zac!!

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    Stephen and Sally Matheny

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    Lynn West

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    Enjoy you time, Zack! I know you will make an impact . We wish you the best on your journey! Lynn and Brad West

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    Kirsten Hawkes

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    So very proud of my grandson!

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    Cheryl Lake

    $51.45 / 70 days ago

    Zack-We will be praying Jeremiah 20:9 for you: “If I say, “I will not mention him, or speak any more in his name,” there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot.” Wherever you go, whatever you are doing be bold in the Lord and never forget that He goes with you and He will guide you in all things. Have courage and do not look back but run the race in front of you. Think only of Christ and be on mission so that when you feel homesick, you will remember that God has called you for a short season to be away from family and friends, but there will be fruit born from your sacrifice and service. Go with great joy and an abundance of peace! We are all excited for the work you will all be doing!

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    Curtis Schultz

    $51.45 / 98 days ago

    Proud of you man, we love you!!

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    Carl Schultz

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    Donation from Justin Legnon

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    Kirk Wilson

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    Blessings and Godspeed as you do His work!

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    From Uncle John

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    Walter Couch

    $500.00 / 109 days ago

About Zackary Blake

The ministry in Guatemala consists of volunteering with several ministry partners. These partnerships will allow the students to build friendships with the locals with the intention of sharing the Gospel. Students will disciple Guatemalans to follow Jesus and other efforts will consist of local evangelism, soup kitchens, Bible studies, providing respite care at orphanages for special needs children, building homes, and many other opportunities. Global Year staff will lead the students to integrate with the local way of life in the villages and learn the language with the purpose of sharing Gospel truth. There are many in the rural villages who have never heard the true gospel, so it is our goal to gain their trust through a relationship and impart to them the good news of redemption in Christ alone!